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ENERGY STORAGE from a purely dynamic source

You can’t reinvent the flywheel, but you can revolutionize it.

Wherever there is a need for large numbers of charging and discharging cycles,
the EnWheel® flywheel system sets new standards.

Why EnWheel® is your ideal kinetic energy storage device:

  • charges and discharges within seconds/minutes
  • virtually wear-free and maintenance-free technology
  • long-lasting capacity irrespective of the charging cycles

This makes it an efficient and clean solution for the long term.

Published by

Peter. A Butler

As a highly regarded senior compliance manager in the NT. I’ve achieved my goals and met expectations with separating compliance from operations to legal within a Government-owned corporation; which was highly commended by the utility commission. I pride myself on stakeholder liaison within the commission and Government circles on portraying company policies and regulation within the NT. I’ve completed my four-year contract with T-Gen and now wish to focus and utilise my skills at a senior level within the regulatory arena of power generation, ether Government-owned or private sector. I've started NT Power Generation Regulatory Compliance, to offer my services to generation, poles and wire, retail, system control, gas and new entry renewable energy companies entering the NT market. My services will also be offered to Government departments and the UC in way of 42 years of experience in utilities. I'm looking forward to the future as the regulations change across Australia but especially the NT and being able to assist the transition of changes to be made.

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